EInternational Furmint Day / #FurmintDay

International Furmint Day

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Category: event ( Tasting  Music  Day  Night )
Country: hungary
Date: Feb 01, 2017
Venue: worldwide
E-mail: hello@furmintday.hu

Let’s celebrate¬†International Furmint Day on February 01, 2017, by social media activities, posting Furmint bottles photos on #winelovers’ community, food & Furmint wine pairing events, tastings at bars, etc.

We believe that Furmint is an exciting grape variety, which deserves more attention. Therefore, from now on, 1 February will be International Furmint Day, briefly furmintday.

Furmint is a special, exciting and really likeable variety. Its elegance and complexity is perhaps comparable only to the nicest Chardonnays of Burgundy and Rhine Rieslings of Germany.

Taste it on 1 February 2017, on the first International Furmint Day, share your experience with others and show what you have drunk.