ENagy Tokaji Borárverés 2017

Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2017

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Category: event ( Tasting  Day )
Country: hungary
Date: April 22, 2017
Venue: Tokaj
Organizer: Confrérie de Tokaj
Phone: +36 703 625 705
E-mail: info@tokajiborlovagrend.hu

The Confrérie organises fifth tokaj wine auction. The Great Tokaj Wine Auction is the central event of the Tokaj Spring weekend.

The Confrérie organises events for members and non-members that bring Tokaj lovers closer to the region, its wines and producers as well as bringing outstanding Tokaj wines to a wider audience. A personal connection that helps people experience the magic of Tokaj.

The annual wine auction is a part of the Tokaj Spring weekend.

Rare and exclusive lots of the best unique contemporary wines from the top Tokaj producers. Dry wines are offered as one Gönci barrel (136 l),
sweet wines as half or one Gönci barrel (68 l or 136 l). The outstanding quality of Auction lots is ensured by the expert panel
of the Confrérie Wine Tasting Committee.  Blind tasting gives the opportunity to judge before bidding.

Flyer - Nagy Tokaji Borárverés 2017